Caso de uso: Preparação para as provas de nível

Khan Academy can help students prepare for college math classes and math placement tests like Accuplacer and Compass. Our most popular math material used to help prepare for these tests is the Algebra Basics mission, which provides coverage of the core topics in Algebra I & II. Find out more about missions here.
Duas abordagens comuns que foram eficazes na preparação de alunos são:
  • creating structured programs to help prepare for their specific exam
  • or encouraging incoming students to use KA independently before classes begin

Programas estruturados

Algumas faculdades usam essa abordagem na forma de cursos intensivos, programas de férias ou aulas de laboratório para novos alunos.
The two examples below are from community colleges that decided to.
Preparing students for Compass: Hawai'i Community College held a boot camp to help students reinforce their math skills and prepare for the Compass math placement test. Many students improved their scores.
Preparing students for Accuplacer: With support from the New England Board of Higher Education, Nashua Community College held a similar boot camp with a focus on Accuplacer. An article in The Telegraph, a large New Hampshire newspaper, profiled the program
Preparing students for Accuplacer, with a strong emphasis on 1-1 coaching: Math Blast is a free, hybrid online/in-person program in which students learn at their own pace with an assigned coach. By the end of the program, some students were even able to go straight from their initial pre-algebra level to college-level math.

Uso independente

Outras faculdades simplesmente encorajam seus novos alunos a usar a Khan Academy sozinhos para relembrar seus conhecimentos de matemática antes de as aulas começarem.

Elementos básicos do uso bem-sucedido por alunos

Em qualquer abordagem, o uso bem-sucedido pelos alunos depende de quatro elementos básicos.
  • Use a subject-level mission as homework or supplement. Our most popular mission for college students in transition is Algebra Basics, which covers the core topics in Algebra I & II.
  • Focus on mastery. Getting a skill ‘practiced’ is important, but mastery shows that students are retaining these skills over time.
  • Provide additional support, such as access to tutors and motivational strategies. The human element of learning is critical - it’s important for students to have instructors/peers to intervene when needed.
  • Show students the basics of using KA. Providing a little help initially when using the tool can go a long way.