Como criar uma conta de professor e inserir turmas

A guide to the first steps of using Khan Academy as a teacher. 

Como criar sua conta

  1. Go to Click on the Teachers, start here button in the center of the page.
Página inicial
  1. Crie seu nome de usuário e senha, ou faça login se você já tiver uma conta.
Depois de definir seu nome de usuário e senha, nossas instruções para criação de conta vão guiá-lo na criação de uma conta.

Como criar uma turma

Comece dando nome à sua turma no espaço destinado a Nome da turma. Já possui uma lista do Google Sala de aula que você gostaria de importar? Clique aqui para saber como. Clique em Próximo.
  1. Selecione um assunto para sua turma, escolhendo uma das opções listadas. Algumas opções da lista podem estar na parte inferior da página, por isso lembre-se de usar a barra de rolagem!
Adding a subject allows us to suggest relevant content for you to assign. It will not prevent you from assigning other content to students or prevent students from practicing on other parts of our site.
Want to know more about our content? Click here to find out more about our subjects, classes and standards.
Choose your subject and click “Next”. Onward!

Adding your students

Next, you’ll add the most important part of the classroom—the students! There are four ways to add students to your class.
  • Option 1: Students can add themselves.
    Just below the class code—that’s the number there at the top in the grey box—there is a link to an instruction sheet that you can print for your students that will show them how to sign up for your class. Click one of the other options if you need to add more students using another method or just click on Next if you plan for all students to add themselves to your class using the class code.
  • Option 2: You can import students from a Google Classroom.
Click on the Import from Google Classroom account option. Follow the prompts on the next screen. If you’re having trouble, you can find more information about importing students from Google Classroom here.
  • Option 3: You can send an email invitation.
Enter your students’ emails into the box provided. Separate each student email with a comma followed by a space. Complete the process and click the Invite students button. Note: Students under 13 will need a parent to complete the signup process.
  • Option 4: You can create a Khan Academy account for students. Choose the Create a Khan Academy account option, then type in each student name. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to create a new row for each additional student you need to add. After you list your students, click the Add usernames button.
Click on the Create Accounts button. A new screen will open. Click the Download.cvs button to get a copy of the student names, usernames, and passwords.
This is your only chance to do this. Make sure you have multiple copies of students’ usernames and passwords, and keep at least one handy in a safe place. If a student is not linked to a parent account and they lose their login information, it will be almost impossible to retrieve their information.

Enroll the class in LearnStorm

LearnStorm is a six-week learning challenge for grades 3-12. LearnStorm runs from September 12 to October 20 this year. Go to to learn more.

Assign content

Congratulations! You are now ready to assign content to your students!
Still need help? Try the Help Center.
And check out the Teacher Community for more classroom tips.