Glossário de termos da Khan Academy

Avatars: Khan Academy characters that students use to customize their profiles; students choose their favorite avatar and earn energy points to unlock more avatar options.
Badges: incentives used to encourage students for mastery and practice, completion of missions, as well as for participating positively in the Khan Academy community. Check out all the cool badges here.
Class Code: found in Coach Reports, found on the Dashboard and Manage Students tabs of Coach Reports; a unique code generated automatically when each class is created; students may simply add themselves to a class using the class code.
Coach: teacher, parent, or any person who uses Khan Academy to help, support, and monitor the progress of students who have accepted them as their coach.
Coach Reports: the central hub (or dashboard) where a teacher or coach can manage their class rosters, make skills recommendations for students, and monitor student progress: coach reports lets a teacher see where students are spending their time, where they are struggling, and where they are excelling - want to learn more about Coach Reports? Check out these helpful instructions.
Energy Points:  a measure of effort on Khan Academy; points are awarded for various learning activities like practicing exercises, watching a video, or creating a CS program, as well as for exhibiting positive character strengths like asking and answering questions in the Khan Academy community (for students 13 years, and older).
Exercises:  100,000+ Common Core-aligned exercises to practice grammar and mathematics from early math through calculus, and more.
Manage Class: found in Coach Reports, where a teacher or coach adds makes changes to the class roster.
Mastery Challenges: a set of challenge questions that pull from various skills, requiring a student to demonstrate mastery of a skill after a period of rest from practicing the skill, in order to truly demonstrate mastery; taking Mastery Challenges is the only way for students to achieve the “Mastered” status level for each math skill.
Mastery Levels: struggling, needs practice, practiced, level one, level two, mastered.
Mastery System: the educational philosophy that Khan Academy follows in which students proceed to the next topic not in accordance with a fixed calendar, but only after they have completely mastered the necessary prerequisites.
Missions: some of Khan Academy’s grade levels and classes (e.g. 3rd Grade and Geometry) have associated math “missions” that allow students to learn at their own pace and require the mastery of skills before students may move on to the next higher order skill, all while earning energy points and badges as they master skills and complete missions.
Mission Warm-Up: a few questions at the beginning of each mission that helps Khan Academy figure out where to start students on the mission.
Perfil: onde um aluno vai para ficar orgulhoso por ver todo o seu progresso na Khan Academy! Fornece um painel de: progresso da missão, pontos, medalhas, programas de CC, participação comunitária (para alunos com mais de 13 anos) e muito mais. Os alunos também encontram as recomendações de seus professores ou tutores aqui.
Recomendações: mecanismo que possibilita a professores e tutores recomendar habilidades a um aluno ou grupo de alunos.
Progresso de habilidade: encontrado nos Relatórios de tutor, é um relatório que dá uma ideia do nível de domínio de cada aluno em cada habilidade, o que ajuda os professores e tutores a identificar quais alunos precisam de reforço.
Sequência: gostamos de recompensar a persistência! A Khan Academy premia os alunos com pontos por uma sequência de perguntas respondidas corretamente e dias contínuos de trabalho.
Progresso do aluno: encontrado nos Relatórios de tutor, ele fornece um relatório que dá um breve resumo de cada turma como um todo, bem como do progresso de cada aluno individualmente.
Vídeos: a Khan Academy tem mais de 13.000 vídeos educativos, inclusive 5.000 vídeos de matemática superalinhados com o Common Core, que abrangem desde os fundamentos de matemática até cálculo, e muito mais.