Como a Khan Academy personaliza a experiência de aprendizagem do meu filho?

Saber como nossos estudantes usam a Khan Academy nos ajuda a melhorar a experiência de aprendizagem deles. Nosso objetivo é:
Personalize each child’s learning experience
Example: If your child has mastered basic division, we'll remember that and show them the next tutorial in the series during their next visit.
Improve our materials
Example: If we see that many students are struggling with a certain exercise, we might edit that exercise to make the instructions clearer.
Empower parents to support their children’s learning
Example: We keep track of your child’s accomplishments so that we can share them with you in a weekly email update. You can then use this information to congratulate your child and encourage them to keep learning!
Customize your experience based on your region
Example: If we know that your device is located in Brazil, we can direct you to our Portuguese-language site.